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Modern world can’t exist without money. It is very important to have a good knowledge of money because people use money practically every day – pay for purchases and services and try to realize their dreams with its help. But, not everyone can safely say that he is able to control the purse strings, knows for what purposes money may be used, and how to make profit of it.   


Financial literacy is needed by all categories of people. It helps children to understand value of money and lays the groundwork for further development of their skills to plan budget and make savings. Financial literacy may help the young people to solve the problem of financing their education or the housing problem. Adults need financial literacy to manage personal finance and take reasonable decisions in the areas of savings investment, use of different financial products and services, and planning of pension coverage. A literate user of financial services is better protected against financial frauds.


Population’s financial literacy contributes to inflow of funds to the country’s economy and strengthening of financial stability. The level of the population’s financial literacy is raised along with the financial markets development, reduction of costs related to money circulation, attraction of increased amounts of savings to the financial system, creation of conditions for the insurance markets development and financial defined contributions, reduction of overstated expectations of state financial support, acquisition of knowledge of financial market principles and instruments by population, and reduction of risks of sensitivity to panic in the consumer and financial markets.         


The purposes of creation of the Internet portal on financial literacy are:

- improvement of knowledge of the population of the Republic of Belarus on financial products and their put to good use; and

- promotion of financial literacy ideas among the population and public and private institutions of the Republic of Belarus.


The tasks of the Internet portal on financial literacy are:

- provision of population with the basic knowledge in the field of finance in a simple and interesting form;

-  receipt of objective feedback (placement on the Internet portal of books, articles, and booklets on financial literacy and efficient management of personal finance, as well as video records);

- provision of information support;

- placement of current information on the measures and events in the financial area.


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Presentation "Money, inflation, price stability"


Dear friends! We offer you a presentation developed for conducting financial literacy classes with schoolchildren of 8-11 grades during the Global Money Week, which will be held in Belarus, like all over the world, from March 25 to 31, 2019.

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Global Money Week ON-LINE!


We offer to hold Global Money Week events online! 


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Alexandra Gerasimenya talks about bank deposits